10 of The Best International Clothing Brands to Shop Right Now—Including Gucci, Zara & More

Any fashion girlie will tell you: International brands are where its at. Iconic fashion houses like Gucci, Prada, 카지노사이트 Chanel and more are still trailblazers to this day, while more affordable options like Zara, Mango and Ganni are leveling up their offerings by staying even more on top of friends (and creating new ones!). From the viral green Zara dress that made waves over the summer to Ganni’s signature oversized collar look, it’s easier than ever to stand out and find your own unique sense of fashion on a budget.

One of my favorite things about fashion is that if you have an eye for it, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on your pieces. The best looks are thrown together with a mix of high and low items that come together with the wearer’s personality. With luxury brands, it’s best to invest in a piece that you know you’ll get consistent use out of and styles that stand the test of time. Don’t hit the buy button too quickly on trending bag or shoe styles that will be out of season by next year. The same goes for fast(er) fashion brands; you don’t want to pick up something affordable only to wear it a few times, only to eventually send it to the donation bin.

With that in mind, more and more international brands are serving unique styles at every price point, and right now international brands are hotter than ever. Here are a few of the brands we’re s

Prada launched in 1913 in Milan, Italy selling just travel accessories like bags and luggage. Since then it has evolved into the clothing, footwear and even beauty space with its fragrances.

I’m obsessed with every piece Prada is putting out lately with the triangle logo on it. It’s so chic—can’t you just picture stepping outside with your crossbody bag, socks and loafers for dinner with the girls? I need this ASAP.

House of Gucci anyone? Although this brand has a sordid history, it has been a coveted mainstay in the fashion industry since its launch in 1921 by Guccio Gucci .

Remember those loafers I mentioned above? It doesn’t look like this trend is going out of style any time soon. 바카라사이트 This is a great staple item to invest in that is sure to evolve with the seasons.

Chanel is practically synonymous with Paris, and it was founded there in 1910, at a time when it was still considered ~wild~ for women to wear blouses with trousers. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel began designing hats and quickly jumped into ready to wear—designing clothes that were both stylish and comfortable for women, coming off of a time when clothing for women was still very restrictive.

To this day, Chanel is a bucket-list brand, with its coveted handbags retailing on average for around $5,000-$10,000. This dreamy cashmere sweater crop top rivals NYC rent, but wow it’s worth it.

Ganni was founded in 2000 as a cashmere line, but it wasn’t until husband and wife Nicolaj and Ditte Reffstrup joined the helm in 2009 that the brand began to gain notoriety as a ready to wear luxury brand selling dresses, tops and more. 온라인카지노

Today Ganni is infamous for its whimsical collars, staple tees and dresses for all occasions. Vests as tops are trending for the summer-fall transition weather, and this one’s just under $200.

Many people don’t know that Zara is a brand founded in 1975 in Spain. Since then, it’s become known for bringing international trends stateside at an affordable price.

Now that TikTok is around, Zara dresses frequently go viral, and I’m predicting this darted silk-style dress will be trending for fall.

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