Bob Dylan Turned 70 Last Month

This trade is just like the bed-and-breakfast enterprise, except property managers work on site [] at a property owned by one other person or company. As the title suggests, these professionals oversee the day-to-day operation of a commercial or residential property. In change, employers supply rent-free living and utilities, as well as a wage, and generally advantages. Property managers do not necessarily should work for another person: About forty six p.c are self-employed [source: Bureau of Labor Statistics].

Drive-by download – That is when an online site or pop-up window robotically tries to obtain and set up spyware in your machine. The only warning you may get could be your browser’s commonplace message telling you the identify of the software and asking if it is okay to put in it. If your safety settings are set low sufficient, you will not even get the warning.

When I was watching reruns of “M.A.S.H.” on Nick at Nite as a kid, I remember my mom telling me that she and her pals used to get collectively each week to watch the brand new episode and speak about it again when it first aired in the 1970s. Social viewing is nothing new, however because of the rise of social media networks, this has taken on a complete new dimension.

Writer’s Be aware: 10 twentieth-Century Staples We Never Thought Would DieIt is certainly not surprising that staples of life change over time. My great-grandparents doubtless never thought transportation by horse-and-buggy would disappear, or that outhouses would be moved indoors. However it is a bit of sad to think of a paper- map-much less world, at the very least if you are a map geek like me. Or the dying of cinemas. Even the disappearance of Gideon Bibles makes me a little bit sad. I never read one, but for some cause I at all times checked the nightstand to make sure one was there. The one thing I would like to see gone, although, is smoking.

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