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– Most Television advertisements are ignored by the vast majority of viewers.

– Most persons are unable to recall details of an advertisement. Persons are extra doubtless to remember storylines and characters in the event that they recall the ad efficiently than product claims or verbal arguments.

– Promoting claims are something that individuals have ingrained resistance to. They have an inclination to look at counterarguments once they listen to claims.

– Individuals don’t usually consider advert claims in real-world procuring conditions. They rely instead on heuristics to make nearly all of purchase decisions.

– It’s tough to show that advertising has influenced gross sales. Advertising has a limited affect on sales, with the exception of a few circumstances.

This doesn’t mean that the direct route model is invalidated by these challenges. We imagine that they do present that the model is less relevant than initially thought. The model presents good explanations and predictions inside its vary of applicability.

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